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An important part of our service is explaining our actions simply.

To trust us, you need to understand us. In this section we share letters, articles and opinion pieces to provide a window into how we invest your money.

Annual Letters



A walk on the wild side

Harnessing the power of conversation


A guided journey through Granatia


People matter most


Go where there is no path, and leave a trail


Q1 2024

Multi Asset:

We sold a casino a bought a hardware store

Fixed Income:

Structured notes: what's in the box?

Q4 2023

Multi Asset:

Welcoming the winds

of fortune

Fixed Income:

The duet of offshore and

local corporate credit spreads

Q3 2023

Multi Asset:

Cost of cashing in calves

Fixed Income | Bonds:

When books don't balance

Q2 2023

Multi Asset:

A winding road

Fixed Income:

A whipsawed bond market

Q1 2023

Multi Asset: Why we're

positive on property

Fixed Income: AT1s


Share your Craft

Strandloper Boards

Beth Lowe

Lowveld Trails


Photo Gallery

Ad hoc

June 2024
Are we human, or are we dancer

May 2024
Sailing the waves of the property cycle

March 2024
Quality first, price second

December 2023
Weaving the red thread

June 2023
Finding flowers in the unkept garden

August 2022
Making peace with finitude

December 2021
Lessons on incentivisation from Google

November 2021
Talking about out feelings

August 2021
Dear Gen Z

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