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Giving back


At Granate, we aim to be more than a responsible citizen by contributing significantly to a better future for our country

The actions of corporates have significant direct and indirect impacts on the lives of millions of people. Although corporates are transforming globally, we intend on being one of the forces that speed up the transformation towards broader social improvement. 

We do this by...


  • Offering employment, development, shareholding and a happy place to work for a diverse team.

  • Making investing less intimidating and more inclusive. We intend to continue simplifying our investor experience and building trust through clear communication and consistent investment returns. Our aim is to ensure that our client base becomes representative of South Africa’s demographics.

  • Volunteering our time and committing a portion of our profits to social projects with the potential to achieve positive long-term change.

  • Offering a lower fee class to Public Benefit Organisations.

Business education investing in people.

We commit most of our social investment to TSIBA, a not-for-profit business school serving previously disadvantaged youths who are otherwise unable to study. TSIBA has an impressive track record of producing top-quality graduates – like our team member, Brian.

You can't teach a hungry child.

The Peninsular School Feeding Association (PSFA) feeds over 25 000 hungry school children each day. Through good governance, it has built an investment reserve that generates enough interest to cover all operating expenses – so all donations go exclusively to school feeding. Our 2021 donation provided a full year of meals for 30 children.

Peninsular Schools.jpg

Empowering kids in our community.

The LifeMatters Foundation is passionate about making a difference to disadvantaged and at-risk Primary School learners.

The Granateam volunteers 1 hour a week at Westlake Primary to work with learners in the numeracy intervention.

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