Granate gives back

Granate Asset Management is a proudly South African company.
We aim to be more than a responsible citizen by contributing
significantly to a better future for the country.

Proudly South African

We aim to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our employees, everyday South Africans seeking a more secure financial future, and communities in need.

We do this by

  • Offering employment, development, shareholding and a happy place to work for a diverse team.
  • Making investing less intimidating and more inclusive. We intend to continue simplifying our investor experience and building trust through clear communication and consistent investment returns. Our aim is to ensure that our client base becomes representative of South Africa’s demographics.
  • Committing a portion of our profits to social projects with the potential to achieve positive long-term change.
  • Offering a lower fee class to Public Benefit Organisations.

Giving back: COVID-19 lockdown

Roughly nine million children in need receive a free meal at school. We are playing our small part to keep this going during the lockdown.

  • Communities close to home
    Our very own Viv, Office Manager and Receptionist, is making wholesome meals for up to 200 children daily. Team members and Granate have helped to keep her kitchen stocked. We are very proud of her.
  • Peninsula School Feeding Association (PSFA)
    The PSFA was established in 1958 and has provided over 1.7 billion nutritious meals to hungry school children. Through good governance, it has built an investment reserve that generates enough interest to cover all operating expenses. This means all donations go exclusively to school feeding. Our donation will feed roughly 87 children over the lockdown.