About us

We believe that successful investing is the result
of fruitful long-term relationships.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to protect and grow your savings, while providing you with excellent service. Our investment process and our people make this happen.

  • We follow a proven investment philosophy and apply a thorough, consistent investment process.
  • We employ exceptional individuals who believe in our purpose and share a common set of values.
  • Employees own the majority of the business, which gives us operational control. This means we can always act in the best long-term interest of our clients.
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(Pome)GranateAsset Management

Our name is based on the ancient fruit, a symbol of prosperity and abundance. It represents the outcomes we aim to achieve for our clients through fruitful long-term relationships.

Our values

Client service

We will not grow faster than our ability to provide every client with excellent service.


We work tirelessly together for our clients.


We will always be honest and will never swap integrity for money.


We keep things simple as we believe complexity creates misunderstanding.


We keep ourselves sharp to the benefit of our clients.


We harness the strengths of highly capable individuals who share values but think independently.


We will support each other and our clients, and give back to our community.

The Granateam

We employ exceptional individuals and give them the support and autonomy they need to look after our clients. This results in a rich and rewarding culture.

Alex Dearman


Alex joined Granate in February 2020 as an Executive Director and Head of Clients. Previously, he was an Institutional Fund Manager at Coronation Fund Managers; a role he fulfilled from August 2014. Alex started his asset management career in 2006 in London as a client portfolio manager in the European Equities team at J.P. Morgan Asset Management. This was a somewhat different path from where he started out as a game ranger in South Africa’s Lowveld region.

CAIA Charterholder
BSc Agric (Honours) from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal

Alida Malherbe


Alida joined Granate in January 2020. With an academic background combining commerce and communication, her previous roles have included serving as Communications Manager at PPS
Investments, Communications Specialist at PSG Konsult and, most recently, Communications Manager at PSG Asset Management.

MPhil (Communication Management) from the University of Pretoria
BPhil (Journalism) from Stellenbosch University
BCom (Investment Management) from the University of Johannesburg

Brian Mgwili


Brian joined Granate as an intern in July 2019 and completed our graduate programme before joining our operations team. His previous work experience includes a 12-month practical course with AVENG Grinaker-LTA, working as a night supervisor at the Ecotel Southgate Inn, and holiday work in the client servicing department at Investec Asset Management. In addition, he founded a start-up called Eighty Getty, which organised events aimed at showcasing young talent.

BBA from the Tsiba Business School in Cape Town
Higher Certificate in Business Administration from the Tsiba Business School in Knysna

Bronwyn Blood


Prior to joining Granate in December 2015, Bronwyn was the Portfolio Manager of the Flexible Fixed Interest funds and the flagship Absolute Yield Fund at Cadiz Asset Management. She took over the management of the Flexible Fixed Interest funds when Cadiz bought African Harvest in 2006 and managed the Absolute Yield Fund from 2007.

BCom Hons from the University of Natal

Caroline Webber


Caroline joined Granate in February 2021 as a Quantitative Analyst. She is also helping to automate some of our front- and back-office processes and to develop our data warehouse. Prior to joining Granate, Caroline was a Quantitative Developer and Analyst at Prescient Securities, as well as a Quantitative Risk Analyst at Old Mutual. She also fulfilled a number of contracting roles.

MPhil Mathematical Finance from the University of Cape Town
BSocSci Hons, Political Theory from the University of Cape Town
Financial Risk Manager
– Certified by the Global Association of Risk Professionals

Catherine Blersch


Catherine joined Granate in November 2019. She previously worked as a civil engineer and later a professional engineer at Aurecon, before being promoted to Associate. In June 2018 she founded Splice Consulting, which aimed to bring together key role-players in the public and private sector to develop creative solutions to challenges in infrastructure delivery.

MBA from the University of Cape Town
M.Eng from Stellenbosch University
B. Eng from the University of Pretoria

Dalya Abromowitz


Prior to joining Granate in January 2016, Dalya served as a Credit Analyst at Cadiz Asset Management from 2013 to 2015, where her role involved credit analysis in the listed and unlisted credit universe. She joined Granate as an Investment Analyst and was promoted to Assistant Portfolio Manager in 2021.

CFA Charterholder
B.BusSci (Finance and Accounting First Class) from the University of Cape Town

Henno Vermaak


Henno joined Granate in July 2019 as an Executive Director and Investment Professional. He founded Capensis Capital (now a subsidiary of Granate) in 2016. Prior to this, he was a portfolio manager at PSG Asset Management, where he was responsible for the PSG Global Flexible and PSG Global Equity funds.

Qualified actuary
CFA Charterholder
BCom (Hons) from the University of Stellenbosch

Nosihle Gwala


Nosihle joined Granate in September 2021 as part of our operational team. Prior to joining Granate, she was a Fund Operations Consultant at PPS Investments for three years. Nosihle started her career at State Street as a Fund Accountant covering unit trusts, life and pension funds, money market funds and offshore funds.

BCom (Economics and Statistics) from the University of Cape Town

Paul Bosman


Paul joined Granate Asset Management in July 2019 as an Executive Director and Investment Professional. Prior to this he was a portfolio manager at PSG Asset Management, where he was responsible for the PSG Stable and PSG Balanced Funds. Before being appointed portfolio manager, he served as an equity analyst in various subsidiaries of the PSG Group.

CFA Charterholder
BCom Hons from the University of Stellenbosch

Philasande Ntshiba


Phila joined Granate in January 2020. She previously worked at PwC, where she completed her SAICA articles before being promoted to Senior Associate and later a manager in the company.

PGDip (Accounting) from Nelson Mandela University 
BCom (Accounting) from Rhodes University

Simone Blanckenberg


Simone joined Granate in May 2021 as Chief Operating Officer (COO). Prior to this, she was COO and Head of Strategy and Product Development at Tantalum Capital, a role she fulfilled from August 2012.

Simone started her career in asset management in 2004, as a shareholder and director at Blue Ink Investments. She was also the fund manager responsible for the company’s onshore and offshore fund of hedge funds. From 2008 to 2012, Simone worked as a fund manager at the London-based firm Thames River Capital, running its Africa fund of funds.

CAIA Charterholder
BBusSci (Finance) from University of Cape Town

Tyron Green


Tyron joined Granate in August 2019. Prior to this, he was the Portfolio Manager of the PSG Income Fund and joint Portfolio Manager of the PSG Diversified Income Fund at PSG Asset Management. Tyron started his career completing his academic articles with Deloitte & Touche. He subsequently worked as a Corporate Finance Associate with Standard Bank and then as a Credit Analyst and Debt Originator at Old Mutual Specialised Finance.

MBA from the University of Cape Town

Vaneshen Naidoo


Vaneshen joined Granate in December 2015 and manages our money market and cash portfolios. Prior to Granate, he worked at Cadiz Asset Management, which he joined as a graduate in 2006. He was later responsible for analysing the credit and property sectors for the fixed interest and multi-asset teams.

CFA Charterholder
M.Sc. (Engineering) from the University of Cape Town
BSc. Hons (Engineering)

Vivian Williams


Vivian joined Granate in January 2020. She previously served as Receptionist at PSG Asset Management, having fulfilled several administrative roles within the PSG Konsult group for close to two decades.

How we invest your money

  1. We assess an investment based on four quality criteria. It must clear the hurdles we’ve set for all the following factors: governance, balance sheet strength, management track record and profit sustainability.
  1. We perform a valuation based on the future cash flows we expect from the investment.
  2. We only invest if our clients get more than we are paying.
  3. We consider the mix of asset classes in our funds, but this does not override our research process.

Responsible investing

Actions of corporates have direct and indirect impacts on millions of people. As an asset manager, we can be one of the forces that speed up transformation towards broader social improvement. We will engage actively on corporate actions relating to governance, employee happiness, ethical sourcing and environmental awareness.


How we can contribute to making the world better

  • Exclude companies with environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns that get in the way of reliable and sustainable profits.
  • Use the collective investing power of our clients to engage with management teams on ESG matters.
  • Use our voice as an institutional investor to sound the alarm.


How our policy feeds into our process

  • Our research includes a detailed corporate governance analysis that considers conflicts of interest, remuneration principles and sustainable use of the balance sheet.
  • We also consider the sustainability of profits. Corporates that treat employees or customers poorly, or that aren’t taking action to make their business (more) environmentally friendly, will not enjoy sustained success.


We engage with management teams on ESG matters

We have various opportunities to address ESG issues with management teams. These include public presentations, one-on-one engagements and formal correspondence with boards of directors.


We can sound the alarm to apply additional pressure

In extreme cases, we have the platform to make our views on a business’s unacceptable practices public.