Our portfolio covers the full spectrum of fixed interest categories, but with a simplified and focused product range: Money Market, Multi Income and Unconstrained Fixed Interest Funds.

This core product range is aimed at investors seeking to gain access to enhanced income and positive real returns.

Granate Sanlam Collective Investments Money Market Fund

Liquid Stability

The investment objective of this fund is to obtain a higher level of income than bank deposits, whilst providing capital preservation, stable monthly returns and short term liquidity.


Granate Sanlam Collective Investments Multi Income Fund

Enhanced Yield

This fund aims to enhance income and total returns above money market funds by focussing largely on credit as an asset class to deliver consistent positive returns over the medium to longer term.


Granate Sanlam Collective Investment Unconstrained Fixed Interest Fund

Flexible Duration

The objective of this fund is to maximise income and capital returns from all interest generating assets over a longer investment horizon. This is achieved mainly through flexible duration positioning across the yield curve and through the interest rate cycle.


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