Granate Sanlam Collective Investments Multi Income Fund

This fund aims to enhance income and total returns by focussing largely on credit as an asset class to deliver consistent positive returns over the medium to longer term.

With enhanced income and returns above money market funds, the appeal of the fund is that it boosts returns by leveraging opportunities from a broader fixed interest universe including credit, inflation linked bonds, property, and preference shares.

Measured against the STeFI Composite Index plus1% and an internal focus on STeFI +2%, this fund appeals to investors seeking consistent returns above money market with low volatility.





Investable universe

Fixed Interest, property and preference shares with an explicit focus on credit as an asset class

Interest rate risk


Credit exposure

High exposure to investment grade instruments


Alexander Forbes Short Term Fixed Interest (STeFI) Composite Index +1%

ASISA category

South African – Multi Asset – Income

If you are interested in this fund, you can download the necessary documentation, or contact us for more information.

Bronwyn Blood

Portfolio Manager: Multi Income Fund

Prior to joining Granate Asset Management in December 2015, she was the Portfolio Manager of the Flexible Fixed Interest Funds and the flagship Absolute Yield Fund at Cadiz Asset Management. When Cadiz bought African Harvest in 2006 Bronwyn took over the management of the Flexible Fixed Interest funds. Bronwyn holds a B.Comm (Honours) degree from the University of Natal.

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