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Seeding a new ownership model

Founded as part of RMI Investment Managers (RMI IM), Granate is an asset manager vehicle that attracts investment teams of a very high calibre that have the ability to raise third-party client investments off their experience, track record and reputation while doing what they do best for investors: generating strong investment performance.

How it works

Granate houses experienced investment teams and allows them to excel on their own without taking on all of the operational and financial risks of a pure start-up asset manager.

Teams are empowered to focus on their investment philosophy and process resulting in reliable, consistent and superior risk-adjusted returns for investors.

This freedom is made possible by the working and seed capital, operational infrastructure and distribution capability provided by RMI IM.

RMI IM and the Granate teams share in the economic success of the business, creating an ownership culture among the investment teams.

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