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RMI Relationship

Granate Asset Management (Granate) is 30% owned by RMI Investment Managers (RMI IM).
RMI IM is a supportive non-interfering shareholder that provides working capital, operational infrastructure and distribution capability for Granate Asset Management.RMI IM and the Granate team members share in the economic success of the business.


Why Granate?

Our responsibility is to look after people, not short-term outperformance. Our business is majority-owned by the team, therefore we have autonomy to always execute to the benefit of our clients.

We consistently apply our very thorough investment process. This process includes an in-depth analysis of the issuer of the shares or bonds in which we are investing clients’ money. Our analysis includes a detailed assessment of corporate governance, balance sheet structure, management’s ability and the sustainable competitive advantage of the business.

Risk management
We avoid exposing our clients to the risk of downward repricing by not investing when we believe that the price of the security significantly exceeds our estimate of true value. As an additional risk management measure, we ensure that our portfolios are well-diversified.

Our Investment Philosophy

In line with our values, we look after people’s money in a responsible and sustainable way:

1. A thorough and Exclusionary Qualitative Process with the following hurdles:

2. We perform a cash flow based valuation

3. Only invest when clients are receiving positive risk compensation

4. We are cognisant of Strategic Asset Allocation but this does not override our bottom up process